Q Hotel Group

“We really appreciate the fresh ideas to create new, non -refundable sales of vouchers for our hotels. We are impressed with your enthusiasm, professionalism & results. Thank you for supporting our team, helping them continue to deliver a consistent and superior guest experience; £600k of new business within 15 weeks is quite an achievement! We look forward to discussing other programmes with you”

Philip Gardner – Commercial Director, Q Hotel Group.

August 2021

Why choose us

Pricing Options

We offer a variety of pricing structures to suit your needs. Ranging from cost per call to hourly rates, we even offer a ‘payment by results’ model.


All our operations are fully compliant with GDPR and OFCOM regulations.

Quick set up

Our highly trained workforce and management team are experienced in getting new projects up and running as quickly as possible.

Business Advice

We can advise clients on scripting and target marketing.


We monitor the performance of all our people and all our campaigns, allowing us to provide detailed reporting to all our clients.

Results Orientated

Our company has been successfully built on result-orientated activities.

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