Use Direct Call Centres latest technology to enhance your service and delivery.  Our technology means you have access to a more streamlined management solution and can give a more personalised experience to your customer.

How Our Technology Helps You

First Contact Resolution

Through intelligent, skills-based routing and personalised customer experience, we can increase rates of first contact resolution.

Personalised Experience

By providing agents with the right information when they need it, we can personalise the customers experience and resolve issues more effectively.

Understand Your Customer

Our detailed reporting enables our agents and managers to access all data available and give you a complete view of your customer.

Increased Productivity

Our technology means we can resolve more calls in less time, increasing productivity.

Bespoke Service

We have the ability to customise our technology so we can offer the right features and value to you.

Unified Communications

All agents have access to all the information and tools needed for success.


Using the award-winning Enghouse Interactive as our contact centre service provider, we have a complete outbound solution for predictive, progressive and preview dialling, as well as all the resources required to handle inbound calls. The dialler offers powerful campaign management tools and adheres to the strictest compliance rules and governmental regulations while maximising productivity.


All our operations are fully compliant with GDPR and OFCOM regulations.

Detailed Reporting

We monitor the performance of all our people and all our campaigns and provide detailed reporting to all our clients.

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