Why Telephone Marketing?

The truth is, on average, the click-through rate from marketing emails is only 2.3%. Not only that, but emails and social media rely on the person finding the time to respond and engage with you.

But all is not lost!

93% of adults own or use a mobile phone in the UK and 65% of customers greatly prefer human-to-human interaction, on the phone.

Most people prefer human-to-human interaction, and as we at Direct Call Centre are massive fans of human interaction, we use phone calls to gain over 90% of your sales. You can get your question answered or conduct the business you need right away, without waiting.

But calling has more benefits than that!


It’s Fast

Keep the conversation moving forward and your customers engaged.

It’s Bespoke

Tailor every campaign with us to meet your personal objectives.

It’s Personalised

Build rapport, increase brand awareness, and create interest from the start of the call.

It Gives Flexibility

Call anytime from anywhere, and make the experience personalised to each customer.

It’s Direct

Speak directly with the decision-makers to ensure a call is never wasted.

It Allows Feedback

Calls allow for immediate feedback, which allows you to hone your other marketing approaches significantly. 

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